New Series: Israel Study Tour

By the grace of God (and the generosity of my parents), my wife and I have the privilege to participate in a study tour of Israel over the next two weeks. This is a trip to encapsulate my just-finished seminary education, and to prepare for my about-to-begin pastoral ministry.

I have lots of apprehensions, and questions, and curiosity as we travel. I wonder what new insights into Scripture may be found in reading it in its original place. I wonder how the group will mesh, and help each other on the long walks. I wonder just how hot the weather, how strenuous the exercise, and how strange the food, will be. I turn these all over to the Lord, and thank Him for the incredible opportunity.

I am blogging my pictures, learnings, and reflections here as a gift to the group, to aid their recollections, and as a journal for myself. Join in by reading, liking, and commenting on what you see. Lots of opinions and positions out there about what’s going on in Israel (I’m blogging about this after the fact, and a lots happened since this trip, to be sure!), and I’d love to host a conversation here about them. Thanks for reading!

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