“This Principle of Pure Love”Christian Perfection

We must rejoice that God has performed his will in us, and that he reigns within us, not for our happiness, nor for our perfection because it is ours, but for God’s good pleasure and for his pure glory.

…God, who wants to strip the soul to perfect it, and will pursue it relentlessly toward a purer love, makes it really pass these tests of itself, and does not let it rest until it has taken away all reversion and all self-support from its love. Nothing is so jealous, so severe, and so sensitive as this principle of pure love. It is like the gold which is purified in the crucible. The fire consumes all that is not pure gold. We must also make crucibles of our entire hearts, to purify the divine love.

~ from Christian Perfection, by François Fénelon,

in Devotional Classics: Selected Readings,

ed. Richard J. Foster and James Bryan Smith

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