This Year, I Am Thankful For:

Every year for Thanksgiving, my grandma would have us grandkids write out an acrostic poem of all the things we were thankful for that year. It’s one of those family traditions, but a good one, and I love taking the time to do it each year. Here’s my acrostic Thanksgiving for 2012:


Trees that bear fruit and change color in season

Heavy books full of good thoughts and great stories

Artful expressions of God’s rich goodness and abundant grace

Nearby friends and family

Kait, my wonderful, beloved wife

Spacious, new apartment to call home

Great hymns with full, beautiful lyrics

Interesting seminary classes

Very full pantry and fridge and freezers

Introspective moments of silence and solitude

Nieces and nephews to love and enjoy

God’s calling for my life


Happy Thanksgiving

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