A prayer for a full and filling schedule

This is a prayer from The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions, ed. Arthur Bennett. I bought this book in college for a “Calvin & Calvinism” course, and never read it, and now I find it invaluable. I have found immense richness in praying “borrowed” prayers, especially when my mind and soul are too clouded or frenzied to find their own words.

“Grace Active”


Thou hast opened a new and living way
by which a fallen creature can approach thee with acceptance.

Help me to contemplate the dignity of thy Person,
the perfectness of thy sacrifice,
the effectiveness of thy intercession.

O what blessedness accompanies devotion,
     when under all the trials that weary me,
                               the cares that corrode me,
                               the fears that disturb me,
                               the infirmities that oppress me,
     I can come to thee in my need
     and feel peace beyond understanding!

The grace that restores is necessary to preserve,
lead, guard, supply, help me.

To thee I repair for grace upon grace,
until every void made by sin be replenished
and I am filled with all thy fullness.

May my desires be enlarged and my hopes emboldened,
that I may honour thee by my entire dependency
and the greatness of my expectation.

May I find thy grace sufficient for all my needs.